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A „magical mushroom“ Reishi and its medicinal properties

Why to drink regular coffee, when you can enjoy coffee with magical reishi extract? Haven´t you heard about reishi before? Even if this herb is not a standard component of our kitchens, you should implement this mushroom into your daily menu as soon as possible. Reishi mushroom is famous for its benefits for overall health. And even when our ancestors were using reishi regularly, in modern era, reishi started gaining massive popularity just in just couple of years ago.

What should you know about the effects of reishi?

Reishi mushroom (also known as Ganoderma Lucidum) is being used mostly in traditional Chinese and Japanese medicine. It is also used in countries where it can be grown, mostly countries with warm weather. Reishi is rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants – the stuff you basically want to absorb on daily basis. Reishi is sometimes called „the immortal mushroom“. Reishi i sused as an ingredient in meals , as a fresh mushroom, as well as in a capsule form , tincture and many more. If you think about adding reishi into your meal , you can , for example, add it into your spaghetti bolognese. Just add half a teaspoon of reishi extract and you are good 2 go!

When it comes to positive effects of Reishi mushroom, we cannot forget the immune strenghtening properties, what is an important thing in winter months. It also helps body to cope with allergic reactions and significantly lowers blood pressure. In some studies, scientists were trying to find out if the reishi extract can improve symptoms of diabetes, cancer etc. Results have shown that Reishi mushroom can help slow down the tumor cells growth, but it also can serve as a prevention. Besides that, it strenghtens the heart and helps to regulate blood sugar .

Many people are looking for reishi because it helps them relax and mitigate the symptoms of depression and anxiety. So it positively impact our physical nad mental health. It eases the symptoms of fatique, helps to effectively handle stress and helps with relaxation. It can also improve sleep cycles.

Everything in our bodies is connecetd to something else. If you improve your sleep cycle, you can handle everyday stress better. And if you can effectively handle difficult situations without burnout, that can positively impact your immune system as well. Benefit of reishi is, that it does not work as a sedative. That means , thet even if it can help you to calm down and improve sleep-wake cycle, it does not sedate you. So, if you have some tasks to do, you don´t have to worry  that you will be sleepy because of reishi. You can take Reishi even in the morning. You will enjoy benefits of Reishi only if you use it long-term.

Be careful with dosing of Reishi (and some side effects)

Even if Reishi usage has its benefits, it can carry some side effects as well. But even drinking too much water can be harmful. So , it is important to be careful with dosing Reishi in regard to form in which you consume your mushroom. You should be moere careful if you consume Reishi in a form of a fresh mushroom.

A better form to consume is powdered reishi. But you have to be careful and choose a reishi from verified seller. It is best to look for organic form of Reishi, so you can get the most benefits out of it. If you plan to use reishi for the first time, you should try powdered form and go for 6-12 grams per dose. You can dissolve Reishi in a glass of water, coffee or tea. You can even make tasty Reishi cocktails – just use your fantasy!

If you consume Reishi in any way, if you will take too much , you can have problems with upset stomach or digestive problems. Because of blood pressure-lowering properties, we don´t recommend Reishi for people with low blood pressure. Some problems may also  occur when combining reishi with some types of prescription medications. Before taking Reishi, make sure that it does not interfere with your medication. Pregnant women and people with blood disorders should not consume Reishi msuhroom as well.

Why is it great to include reishi in your coffee?

Besides that Reishi is used as a food ingredient, you can even apply Reishi on your skin or you can add Reishi into your coffee or tea. So even people that does not enjoy mushrooms at all can get the full benefits of them withou actually consuming them in a regular way.

Reishi tastes little bit bitter, so if you add Reishi into you coffee you can actually strenghten and improve its taste. But if you don´t enjoy bitter coffee, you can add little bit of regular or almond milk. If you prefer sweet beverages, you can even add Reishi extract into chocolate. Or you can just try Bonoobo superhealth coffee, which is healthy and tasty – all in one.

You can try the power of Reishi in Our Superhealth coffee

If you want to improve your overall health ,  and make your life easier, you can buy our Superhealth coffee with Reishi and Nigella Sativa (Black seed extract). Superhealth coffee is an ideal solution. It helps reduce inflammation in body and combination of bio coffee, Reishi and Black seed is  great for enhancing immune system. Bonoobo coffee is 100% Bio Arabica – we always make sure our ingredients are top quality. So , by buying Bonoobo coffee, you invest in yourself. A cup of superhealth coffee is one of the best ways on how to start , or finish your work day 😊


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